Friday, September 6, 2013

Review of Tan Sri Mazlan Nordin's Book

Title of Book:Tokoh dan Akhbar Melayu: Penebus Peminggiran Melayu
Author: Mazlan Nordin
Publisher: UKM Press
Year Published: 2009
ISBN: 9789679429152
In the market: August , 2009

Tan Sri Mazlan Nordin, 84, was awarded The Most Eminent Journalist of UKM, authored the book entitled Tokoh dan Akbar Melayu: Penebus Peminggiran Melayu. The book is expected to be in the market by August 2009.

For Tan Sri Mazlan, who worked as a journalist
for the last 50 years, the book is his labour of love.
He started researching about several prominent journalists before his time while serving as a resident writer at the School of Media and Communication Studies from 2004-2006.
His research include Abdullah Munsyi , Ibrahim Yaacob, Rahim Kajai, Ishak Haji Muhammad, Ahmad Boestamam, and A Samad Ismail. Each of them has special stories about them not normally known by the people.
This book, for the first time (if not mistaken) recognised Abdullah Munsyi as a journalist. Abdullah Munsyi was an editor of Bustan Ariffin magazine (1821-1822), making him the first Malay journalist. Bustan Ariffin was a magazine containing the teaching of Christianity, which was edited together with a Christian priest.
Tan Sri Mazlan served in Utusan Melayu, and Voice of America. He returned to Utusan Melayu, before moving to Berita Harian. Later, he served in Bernama, thence to Utusan Melayu and back to Bernama as its Chairman.
People at his age whould prefer to relax and retire, but not Tan Sri Mazlan. He not only continue to write as a columnist, but is trying to compile his column called Personally Speaking in the New Straits Times and another book about Tun Abdul Razak Hussein.
Unievrsiti Kebangsaan Malaysia has awarded him the Honorary PhD in Communication for his contributions to journalism in 2005.
He was awarded the Most Eminent Journalist by Malaysian Press Institute (MPI) in 2002.

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